Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Feeling a groove coming on

Yup, feeling like I am going to be settling into a groove sometime soon.  Mostly because I will be starting my job next week.  Consistently having something to do will be glorious.  Having to get up at 5 am, not so glorious.  I also got a new cookbook at the grocery store yesterday, "Fall Baking." To get on a soap box here:IMG_0123

I LOVE these cookbooks.  I have about ten of them.  Okay, I counted, eight.  They are from Pillsbury or Better Crocker.  90% of my favorite recipes are from these magazine type cookbooks.  Some recipes use completely store bought cookie dough and just mix in a couple things; other recipes are very complicated.  All delicious.   This is a picture of my first Thanksgiving turkey from last year. Tasted good, didn't it Mom?


Anyways, now I have a bunch of new recipes to try.  AND people to bake for (work and youth group and Adam's work).  As stated earlier, a groove may be coming.

Almost done with that project that I can't talk about.  Did one step that I thought would be the right thing, but ended up just making a mess.  Hopefully it turns out all right.

Madison drivers suck.  Adam and I have said that we couldn't believe how awful Tennessee drivers are (I don't think that cars are even built with turn signals down there).  Yet every time I drive into Madison I go nut!  Now I grew up in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and have driven most everywhere at every time of the day.  I know how to drive in the city.  It has never bothered me before.  Something about drivers here, and I guess the roads, is just crazy.  There are three interstates  that all meet and connect and then spread out again, zillions of US and state highways too.  I find myself taking a deep breath once I start to pull away from the city.

Stuck in my head lately has been a song from "High School Musical 3."  Yes, I am excited for the release of the big screen movie.  Yes, I am 24 years old.  So what.  I am also addicted to the Twilight series, waiting for that movie in December.  And Harry Potter, when does that next movie come out?  I should look that up. Maybe my sis will check them out with me, cause lordy knows Adam has no interest! :)

Okay, time for bed. Lots to do tomorrow.

P.S. Decided to add a list to the right of kitchen gadget on my list to get someday.  This is my conservative list, what I'd really use.  My real want list would be 10 times as long. :)


The W.O.W. factor said...

You are going to be like me! I have soooo many cookbooks, and papers, and newspare clippings etc etc....I love recipes! Even if I don't try them all!