Thursday, August 28, 2008

Off Again

Yes, I know I have not even posted about our last trip yet, but I've been "busy" finishing other projects.  Next week I'll do a few longer posts.

This weekend it is Tiff's wedding/vow renewal.  They got married last March, but that was just a small ceremony.  This is the big party now that Luke is back home.  They have the same DJ company that we did so the dance should be pretty fun.

Friday morning and all day Saturday I plan to spend in the pool.  So the sun and temp had better cooperate.  Then Sunday is the big moving day.  I really hope she's no higher than 2nd floor.  And that the temp cooperates opposite of Saturday.

Youth Group leader meeting was tonight.  Seems like it'll be a good time.  The youth pastor is really on the ball and has his heart focused.  Looking forward to working with a small group and meeting some new people.

Very crafty day for me.  Finished Kristi's and Grandma and Grandpa Strong's September calendar pages.  (Their Christmas gifts last year were empty calendars.  Each month I send them a new page.  For the most part.  When I was sick I got a little behind, then worked way far ahead.)  This month their pages ended up being the same. IMG_0742













Then I finished up another wedding card pack, but won't post that yet.  Just in case the bride does happen to read this.

Going to bed now.  I have strict orders to be completely ready to walk out the door when Adam gets home tomorrow.  And lets face it.  I have a lot to do.  Oh crap!  One more crafty thing to finish.  Goodnight!


The W.O.W. factor said...

Did you follow orders?? and ready to go on time?? LOL!
Hope you had a great time last weekend!
love you, barb

Patti said...

Yes! I did get ready on time. The car wasn't fully packed but we only needed one trip. Work is crazy this week so I'll update this weekend