Saturday, October 11, 2008

Solo Saturday

These are flowers that we got from my parents in memory of Aaron.


Harvest is Here!  Adam has officially left me for the fall. :)  Okay, so it's only soybeans right now, so he'll be home around 7pm, but once the corn starts coming in, who knows!  So today is my first day of solitude.  Got up at 9:30, with no alarm clock.  Sat on the computer for awhile, cleaned up some messes, made chili and am working on some cinnamon rolls.  The recipe said to mix with an stand mixer and a dough hook, neither of which I have.  So I kneaded it by hand and am waiting for it to rise.  The dough seems a little dense, so I'm not sure what will happen.

When I was taking this picture off of my memory card for the pic of the day, I noticed that I have a lot of projects to share.  I'll share one or two a day until I am caught up.





So these are "my" famous pumpkin cookies.  They are not really mine (from a cookbook) so I can't give the recipe, but every time I make them and eat one freshly frosted, I swoon.  They are my FAVORITE cookie. 










Some applesauce that I made a few weeks ago.  We made this at the Y with the preschoolers and it was so easy (and fairly brainless) that I decided to make it for Adam.  It smelled wonderful when it was cooking; it tasted okay.  Probably will find a different recipe next time.







That's all for today.  Need to go check on those cinnamon rolls.