Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wikipedia, not always a source of facts

Well, I don't know another outlet for this comment, so here it is.

Wikipedia is NOT a source for facts. Yes, there are many entries that have facts, but there is no moderation on the site. No administration to verify what is posted. People are invited to send information to the site. It is then assembled and posted, but NOT fact checked. Many universities do not even allow Wikipedia to be used as a source for papers/assignments since there is no assurance that the information gained from this site is accurate.

I have gotten several emails, from intelligent people, lately about a certain politician. At the bottom of the email it says that all of the "facts" came from Wikipedia. I urge everyone to use a filter when you are reading these emails or other stories during this election season. Be aware when it sounds like someone is trying to use stereotypes or pull at subconscious racist (including Middle Eastern racism!) tendencies.

Please pass this along. I think that too many people will just believe something because it is posted online. It is important that we make decisions in this election based on FACT, not suspicions.


The W.O.W. factor said...

Very well put Patti!
Also.. "" does a great job at discrediting or acknowledging facts. I've used it ALOT during this election time! Amazes what people DON'T verify, but believe becuz it is print before their eyes!
Love ya Kiddo!