Wednesday, November 25, 2009

October Randomness

Yes, it is almost December, and I am blogging about October. Just a few notes…

See the old yogurt container in front of Mel? That is the scoop we used for her food. Have used it for weeks. This day, she turned it into her toy. She is still playing with it.

the-toyWe went to an awesome pumpkin patch with our small group and their kids. This is the corn cannon. Of course boys would need to shoot something.


Here is the harvest. Little Ty liked pushing the wheelbarrow.


And here is a project we (and when I say we, I mean I said what I wanted and Adam did the work).

Here are the shelves in the breezeway/mud room. Eventually we’ll build nice, huge cabinets. But that’s a few years away. In the meantime, it just wasn’t enough room for pantry items, cleaning products, cookbooks, etc.


So here is the fancy, dancy shelving system. I told Adam since it would be totally temporary, that plywood would be fine. We’re going for function not looks.


There’s my handyman. Too bad he’s not facing the other way. Would have been a better picture for me to look at. ;)


One shelf in. Now this space is an addition, only a few years old. Yet, the width in the back of that “closet” space is TWO inches smaller than the front! (Not that that means a lot to me, but Adam was shocked.)


The finished product! I wasted no time filling it up. I kept running back into the living room to tell Adam thank you. I love that he can just create things out of thin air.


So now those original shelves are completely functional. I’ve got almost two shelves just for food storage, all of my cookbooks have a home, and we even created a drop spot for mail, bills, pens, etc.


So those are the highlights of October 2009. I’ve got a few more posts ready. Including another project. And I did this one!


Tina, Ryan and Olivia said...

2 inches is a huge difference!! That's just crazy! Those shelves look great. Glad Adam is so handy!