Saturday, February 27, 2010

The great cooking-crafting-homemaking-life-hopetobeamommy Blog

So that is my dilemma. I know that the best blogs are focused. They don't jump from one thing to another. It is hard to develop any sort of reader base. Unless you are Pioneer Woman. But not everyone can get 4 million hits in one month.

My blogging problem is part of my larger life problem: I want to do too many things.
  • Make cards and other papercrafts/gifts
  • Cook and bake, and take great pictures that make you gain 10 lbs by looking at them (can I add gardening to this category?)
  • Make my house look fantastic, reclaiming pieces that have seen better days
  • Life, just sharing our story, someday as a family with kids
That doesn't include sewing, which I don't know how to do and don't even own a machine. Did you also notice that I did not include cleaning my house? Trying to figure out how to fit that in too. To my life, not my blog.

I do have another dilemma. This really is just whining, but I'm not a big famous blogger now, so I'll whine, a little.

We've got this great laptop. I read all my blogs on it, balance our checkbook, check email, everything. But it's a Mac. My photoshop is only for PC, so is my blog editor. But our PC is in the back corner of the house that is cold, dark and away from my husband who spends his evenings in the living room.

I don't really think there is a solution to my computer problem. I'll just keep whining until I find a few extra hundred dollars. Be prepared. It might be awhile. :)

As for content, you're just going to have to bear with me. I can't make any decisions now. But I can commit to consistently posting.


Elizabeths Attic said...

Love the blog - You say it as it is and that is refreshing. Love the dog and by the way you must have only been married for a short time or you would love to go to the back of the house to blog....just to get some peace. lol

Patti said...

Thanks Elizabeth. Yes, we've only been married about 4 years. I don't need the peace and quiet yet. :)

Tina said...

I love your blog too. I think its ok to blog about the things you're interested in, even if it's many things. Can you get the same software for mac? hope so, because having the right tools make a world of difference.