Friday, March 26, 2010

Country Days, City Nights

One of the great things about our property is the countryside around it.  We are blessed to have this fantastic front porch that runs the entire width of our house.  Unfortunately the only thing that we had to sit on out there were camp chairs.  Fine chairs, but they were so low that all you saw was the porch railing.

So I found this beauty on


Of course we didn’t notice that it was designed to be hung from a stand.  Let’s just say that I didn’t want to have to use a ladder to get onto my swing.

So after a trip to the hardware store for more chain, we’ve got a working porch swing!  I think it’s a little odd  that it leans back like that so much, but it sits great.  (Is that really a verb?)


Excuse the poor quality of the next picture, but there is no way that I could have walked outside to catch her sitting like this.  Trust me, she doesn’t just sit like this outside.  I watched her long enough to realize that she was watching the farmer in the field across the road.  Apparently she need to keep an eye on him.


Yes, it’s Friday, so you are subjected to pictures of my trees again.


Would you believe that the picture on the left is two weeks old and the one on the right is from today?  Melting snow apparently makes for greener grass.  I can’t imagine what it will look like after one good rain storm.

We’re off to town tonight.  The local UNI Panthers are taking on Michigan State and it’s just too much of a big game to watch at home.  After last week’s crazy upset, fans are in a frenzy here.  (They even made it on the cover of Sports Illustrated last week.)  We’ll also watch the Ohio State game in honor of my dad.  If both teams win tonight, they’ll go head-to-head on Sunday.  Enough sports talk for you?  Me too.

Have a great weekend!


Elizabeths Attic said...

Its a long time since I watched Michigan state??? how you may ask, I visited my folks in Pleasant Ridge Michigan for three weeks and they took me to a game. I loved it never seen anything quite like it. Not sure who you will be shouting for but let me know how the match oops sorry game - (you can tell I am from the UK) pans out. Have a good weekend enjoying following your blog. Beverley

Patti said...

Beverly, crazy connection! We were actually rooting for the hometown favorites, Norther Iowa. But we ended up losing, since they couldn't get any points in the last ten minutes of the game! So Michigan State moves on...

Anonymous said...

I love your swing. Jon and I had one that hung on the porch of our first house we lived in in Arizona.