Friday, March 5, 2010

A Slow Trickle

I walked out to get the mail this afternoon, avoiding puddles of melted snow and mud.  I wasn’t very successful.  On my way back, I heard a noise that caused me to stop and drink in the moment.

The slow trickle of melting snow.  It sounded like a peaceful, babbling brook.  The snow saying, “Goodbye, I hope you enjoy the spring.”


I had been on my work computer all day.  Staring at a screen.  Then I heard the trickle.  I like it when God reminds me of the beauty of His creation.

It won’t be too much longer and we’ll watch the farmer plant this field and then watch the green tips push through the dark, rich soil.


Melody has been enjoying the change of season.  Her old haunts are accessible again.  Left with new smells from the winter.  She traipses through snow and mud and stays warm in the chilly breeze with her dark coat. 


(By the way, did you check out those webbed feet above?  That girl can swim!)

She had learned how to carry this huge tennis ball and over-sized rope in her mouth at the same time.  Yes, I assure you, she has actually done it.


I love that we have given Melody a place that she can run.  She is such a happier dog when she can run.


I told Adam the other day that it’s not any particular season that I like, but rather the change of seasons.  I love the longing for spring, summer, fall or winter.  For the changing weather, the feel of something new.

When this:


…will turn into this:



Anonymous said...

Come on spring!

Dave Koob said...

How is that new computer??? :)

Your computer guy,
Dave Koob

Patti said...

Computer's nice, but there are a few settings and things that are still quirky. Just have to get used to it. Worked at home today though, so I missed my giant monitor!

Jennifer K said...

It's funny because my surroundings look just like your pictures. And then I see "Waterloo" listed on your sidebar. And then I see Crazy Girl Knit Shop in your previous post. You're in Iowa, just like me! :) I live in Cedar Rapids and I'm so glad to see Old Man Winter retiring for the year and Spring starting to bloom. (BTW, I linked here from PTI.)

Tina said...

I'd love to visit your wonderful house when the trees are so full of life. Your house looks and sounds wonderful and I bet the pictures don't do it justice (but it comes close, right?)