Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time for a Tub

So here's the problem with digital cameras: they hinder my blogging.

Just stay with me here. The camera takes a picture whenever you push the button, then it saves that picture. Then you can take another, and another, and another...as long as I want. It doesn't cost any more to take one or one hundred pics. But then you end up with way too many pictures of a bathtub. So many that you load them into Photoshop and leave them there for two weeks because the thought of sorting through all of those pictures and then editing some of them is just too overwhelming. Therefore you never can put those pictures into a blog post, which ultimately hinders your blogging. Right???

Okay, so I'm being melodramatic. Let's just get on with the remodel...

Once we (Adam and Dale) ripped out the old tub, we (they) worked to level the floor so that the water actually flows down the drain. Who knew that you had to worry about that? (Probably everyone but me.) I also didn't know that you have to put it in several times before you finally install it. Probably the reason I took so many pictures, I kept thinking, "This is it!!" only to be disappointed.

So finally here is our new tub! It's white and clean and glorious! I love taking a bath and knowing that some stranger's butt hasn't already been there. Okay, maybe that crossed some blogging line, but it has always weirded me out with other tubs to know that someone else had been there. I know, really logical, right?

As far as the current progress of the bathroom, we're almost done. Adam's finishing moulding for the window and mirror. Then we'll touch up paint and be done. Woo hoo!

The picture below was taken as the boys were looking at...well...I don't really remember but I just think it's cool.

P.S. I'm getting really annoyed with my camera (for real) because it's been taking really grainy pictures. Not able to invest in a new one now, but bothered to put up photos like this.