Thursday, June 26, 2008

Anti-Packing Day

Well, it is now Thursday, 1:32am. And I should have gotten all of my stuff packed today so that Adam and Dad can bring it to the garage tonight, so that they can pack it into the moving truck on Friday, so that we can leave on Saturday. (I know, lots of prep.) Well, I'm not packed. A lot farther, but I still have work to do tomorrow. For some reason, I just can't pack well. I need things to be very orderly, nothing packed without EVERYTHING similar. Like I need ALL of my underwear packed together, even the ones sitting in my dirty clothes right now. So that means that I need to do laundry, again. So, since that isn't very realistic, I don't get a lot done. I know Adam is not thrilled, but soon enough we'll be all moved in and settled to our new place.

In between the work, we went to Kristi's softball game tonight, probably the last one of her's we'll see! She pitched well, got a few good shots too. Once we're moved, I'll post some pictures. Later mom and I went to Dairy Queen, a chocolate dipped cone, mmmm! Now I'm watching Enchanted with Kristi and her girlfriends. Yes, I should be in bed, but how many more times will I have like this?