Saturday, June 21, 2008

Moving has been confirmed!

Well, let's see what has happened...

Adam finally got the call he had been waiting for. Landmark Co-op offered him a position at their new location in Markesan, WI as the Grain Operations and Origination Manager. Markesan is an hour NE of Madison and if you want to know what Adam will actually be doing, talk to him! :)

We crunched numbers, met with mortgage brokers, banks and realtors, looked at some good and some AWFUL houses. (Like the one that must have been used as a cat bathroom for twenty years , it smelled that bad) After much talk and prayer we decided to wait on the house. Rent isn't cheaper, but if the furnace goes out in two years, we don't have to pay for it.

So yesterday Adam and I took another trip east, this time to look for apartments. It was a LONG day. Mostly because people just don't love Melody the way we do. We found lots of places but few took dogs and if they did, the dog had to be under 10 lbs. We learned not to call Mel a "lab," since people stereotype them as big and scary, and to refer to her as a mutt. (Which she really is, she just looks like a lab)

Last night we finally found a place in Beaver Dam, about 25 min from the Co-op. It's a nice quiet and new complex. All that was left was 3 bdrm units, not that we need that much, but it really is the only place that would take Mel. BIG kitchen that is open to the large living area and small balcony. Nice bathroom and then a half bath in the "master" bedroom. Another perk of the "master" bedroom is a washer and dryer!! I am so happy that I can do laundry in my home and not have to haul it to a laundry room in the building or a laundromat. There is also a one car garage.

So all of this and now we are moving next Saturday. AHHH!!! It just came so fast. I didn't get much time really with my family while we lived here. A little in the winter, but then I got sick, was recovering at home, then Kristi's graduation stuff and company. Now when it has finally calmed down here we are leaving. :( But I will be glad to be in my own place again.

Currently on the hunt for a job. There is a church that is in need of a Children's Ministry Director, 20hr/week. It would be great, but not sure if it's worth the gas money to get there. On our way home last night, we drove by a YMCA less than a mile from our new home. We stopped in and I asked about openings. She said they're always hiring at the front desk and there is a daycare too. So possibilities are there.

Oh, and the Super Walmart is across the street too.

So we'll be on our way soon! Settled for a little while at least. :)


The W.O.W. factor said...

Congrats Patti & Adam! Glad you two found something...and for Melody too!
Wish I could come help the both of you move and see your neew environment! I SOOOOO very much enjoyed my time with the two of you! You hold a very special space in my heart! Love you both dearly!
Good luck & my prayers are with you 2 for a wonderfully bright future ahead!
I am so very proud of both ou you!
Aunt Barb