Thursday, June 12, 2008

House Hunting

We've been starting the house hunting process. Adam doesn't even have this job offer yet (hopefully today!) but we thought only time would be wasted if it doesn't work out. (Since neither of us have jobs currently, we have lots of time to waste.)

Anyways, since we didn't want to just pick a realtor out of the phone book, I called a family friend who is a realtor in the Cities. She just got us connected with a lady out in Beaver Dam, WI. She's supposed to be emailing us properties and we hope to go look at some early next week.

We've got a lender, another recommendation from a family friend. He's been great at walking us through every step and making sure that we really understand all of the options. We've been approved for WAY more than we can afford. It really confuses me because when I do our budget, there is no way that we'd be able to pay for a house that the bank would let us buy. Oh well, we don't have to use it all and at least we're not UNDER approved.

Mom and Dad are more worried than excited. It's kinda hard, but I guess I understand. They just want to make sure we're doing the right thing. There really are a ton of people who have bought above their means and are really hurting right now.

We'll just WAIT and see what happens. We might keep residence at the Murphy house for a couple more months. Only He knows. Still waiting for direction.