Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Waiting is right!

As I start my new blog, I find my created title to be very appropriate for our life right now. Adam is waiting to hear from Landmark Co-op about at job. We're waiting to hear from a realtor, and the mortgage lender. We're waiting to have a place of our own again and something more permanent. I'm waiting for my body to get back to "normal." We wait for when we can start trying for another baby. Lots of waiting.

This weekend was pretty busy. Adam's cousin got married on Saturday. Despite real threat of tornadoes, it was a good day. It was nice to see his family again and there weren't too many "How are you feeling?"s. I did feel bad though because after a little bit I started to feel sore and my stomach was upset. I could tell that Adam didn't really want to leave yet, but I appreciate that he did.

Early Sunday we drove back to Mom and Dad's for Kristi's graduation ceremony. While we had been gone, my grandparents and my aunt Barb had flown into town. So between me, Grandma and Grandpa we have a few slowpokes in the house! Graduation day stayed dry and thankfully not too warm.

Now we're just hanging out. Mom's got a lot of work left on her pictures of course. They turn out great but I just feel bad for her. It takes up SO much of her time. Hopefully we'll hear from the realtor and get some showings set up for later this week. I think my grandma thinks we're crazy for looking at houses before Adam has a job offer. Nothing's hurt by looking and if he does get the job, we're that much farther ahead.

I try not to get attached, because I know it could be gone or there could be another one, but there is this house for only $67,500! Two bedrooms, nice yard, clean. The kitchen isn't fantastic, but it's do-able. It would be great to have our own house. We were talking yesterday that we'd both be happier watching our pennies in a place that we own, rather than renting and having a few extra bucks. I think we both just really need a place to put down roots and it's just not the same in an apartment.

So we wait and remember that God has a plan and hopefully we are listening to hear how to follow it.