Monday, July 21, 2008

The "Missing" Camera

Well, I had been holding off posting until I was DONE with the new place and could post some pictures. Of course I procrastinated. Then we went to my parents a week ago...and I left the camera there! So now even if I wanted to take some pictures, I can't. Gas is WAY to expensive to drive four hours there and back for my camera. Dang it.

So, here we are in Beaver Dam, WI, settling in nicely. Adam is starting his fourth week at Landmark Coop. in Markesan. Learning the ropes and the people, and overall liking it. I'm still searching for a job. Last week I sent in an application for a library director position in Brandon, a town of 900 people. It's 25 hours a week with benefits, sick time, paid vacations, etc. I can't say I've thought about being a librarian before, but it's kind of exciting to think about now! So say your prayers that this is where God wants me.

Melody, the little pup, has re-adjusted to apartment life (i.e. no big backyard to run in all day), after a week of moping. I think she'll be just as ready for a house as we will be to be homeowners. Someday.

We've met our downstairs neighbors, Curt and Roma. Two very nice, grandparent-ish folks. But man can she talk! Don't stop by for a quick chat or pass by her when you are in a hurry, because you will be a listening post for a long time! She has a few free passes to the YMCA accross the street and offered to take me on Wednesday. I'd like to get a membership there because I really need to get my muscles back, still can't bend at the knees like normal people. And those ab muscles need to get healed and strong so that they can support a baby when the time comes.

Anywho. Slowly starting to become productive again. Assigning myself daily tasks in order make sure something besides dinner-making gets accomplished. Will miss that, making dinner, if I get the library job. The library hours are 2-6pm. We'll be having some late dinners!

Should have been to bed awhile ago, so there I am headed. Goodnight!


The W.O.W. factor said...

Yea Patti & Adam!!! Finally got an update on your lives! Sounds really good!!! Glad Adam is liking his new 'career'! Ya know, I was a sub-Librarian in Cle Elum and I LOVED it! Good luck!
I love you both so much & hope for all to go superly for you in the months to come!You both deserve it!!
Aunt Barb
Give my love to Melody too!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're settling in! Poor Melody... are there any parks nearby? We need to chat soon! <3 Alanna