Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lots to Ponder

Well, just finished a card for my grandparents. I'm pretty proud of it. Wish I could post a picture to show off, but I don't have my camera! Never have I wanted to use it as much as when it's not here. But of course if it was here, I would forget about it. Grrr.

Here's Grandpa.

Sending a card to my grandparents because my Grandpa is pretty sick. He went to the doctor last week and while it's not pneumonia, they did find a lump. My grandma tried to get them an appointment with the specialist and surgeon this week, but of course they can't get in until next Wednesday! So more waiting...

The in-laws came over tonight. Dale and Wava had the day off of work and decided to go golfing out here and then take us to dinner. We went to Park Plaza Pizza. After getting sent a pizza with green OLIVES instead of green PEPPERS, we waited awhile. But mmmm, really worth the wait. The thickest pepperoni I've ever seen!

Hmm...pondering lots tonight. For my ears only. Going to go continue pondering...Going to stop writing "pondering" because it's starting to look misspelled.


The W.O.W. factor said...

Waiting is NOT fun, huh!
Sometimes "pondering" isn't either! (that's why I'm still awake at 1:41 am!!)
Love you Kiddo!