Saturday, July 26, 2008

Can I choose to become nocturnal?

Always, always, always, I have gotten my energy late a night. Yes, I've always been able to get up early for work and school, and felt pretty good all day. But no matter what time I get up for the day, 10pm seems to be when I am the most productive. Unfortunately, I can't vaccuume, listen to loud music or interact with my family at this time of day. Hmm...problem to be solved later.

I've had my scrapbook itch going pretty strong for a couple weeks now, but haven't really accomplished much (other than cards which are really striking my fancy now). Realized tonight it's because I scrapbook chronologically and my "next" events just aren't inspiring me. So I jumped into the unknown and ... scrapbooked out of sequence. (WARNING: Nerd moment approaching.) And I loved it! Really great 2 page layout, and then made a card with the scraps. I could keep going but need some more cardstock. Now if only I had my camera I could show them off. Mom??? Wanna come visit??? :)

This is the paper that was my inspiration tonight. Bo Bunny's Organic Honeysukle. Some red and crystal gemstone, mm. Yes, need my camera.

As far as a job to support my hobby, well...
I had an interview at the YMCA Child Development Center (which is accross the street) on Thursday. It's for an assistant teacher in the 4 year old afternoon kindergarten, and picking up some hours in the daycare. Hmm...not what I was hoping for, but a job none the less. The director told me she had two more interviews, would make a decision next week and would want to hire someone by next Friday.

Here's my problem...
The libray called Thursday morning. "Your interview is scheduled for 7pm on Wednesday, August 6th at the Library." Hmm...don't think it's a changeable time, most likely during a city council meeting.

IF I get offered the YMCA job, I'd have to decide even before I have an interview with the library! Arg. I know Adam went through the same thing, but at least his boss (now) was giving him positive encouragement about the job. I have no clue how many people are applying or how I stack up next to them. Well, God, I need some directions.

Went into Madison today. Retail therapy and Starbucks. :) Only a woman would understand. Drove into the Target parking lot and got a surge of happieness. Yes, I know it's just a store, but Jill would understand, I mean, it's TARGET! In all reality, it's a good thing I had to drive an hour today because it means that I can't do it as often. Retail therapy tends to get expensive. But really, are therapists any cheaper? lol

Falling into randomness, usually means it's time for me to go. Most likely not to bed yet, I mean come on, it's only 2am!! ;)


The W.O.W. factor said...

You can CHOOSE to be nocturnal or not, but it might just be in your 'genes' ! Cousin Chad & I are both VERY Nocturnal, as is your Grammma!