Monday, July 28, 2008

Another day of "excitement"

At least do SOMETHING! This is what I try to tell myself everyday. Because if possible, I would want to be a stay at home wife (and someday mom). Yet, the fact that I know nobody and am not real outgoing is not helping me to find stuff to do. Not like I'm in any position to meet new people. Don't really have a church home yet and therefore can't meet anyone there. Want to get a YMCA membership, but can't do that until I get a job. And, if I'm honest, there is plenty to do here. Like the room of, well, nuclear fall out. I could spend a couple weeks on that room, if I wanted to. I could scrub floors. I COULD do a lot. Hmm...yet I don't. I could do LOTS of scrapping and papercrafting, but I don't. Mom, yes, you've always been right. The more time I have, the less that I do. It's really a sickness. Or a talent, the ability to waste ungodly amounts of time.

That being said, today was semi-productive. Went grocery shopping, did some dishes, took Mel to the vet, where I bought...a gentle leader!! I can see you all jumping up and down with excitement since you know EXACTLY what that is. ;) It's a "headcollar," not a muzzle, like a on a horse. If you've ever met my dog (who is NOT in the picture on the right) she is a very happy, excitable pup who LOVES to explore. In other words, she is constantly tugging till she gags on the leash and pulls so hard when she meets someone that she ends up standing on her back feet. So the vet recommended the gentle leader. Watched the video, fitted it, got her used to wearing it. Walk? Should I try it? I did. OMG!! I would have paid $500 for this thing! She is a completely different dog when she has this thing on. Before I needed both arms and all of my strength to control her. Now, just two fingers. Adam was pretty impressed too. Read up on it. Makes a lot more sense than a regular collar/leash combo.

Okay. Putting the soapbox away. Thinking more about my job dilemma. Haven't heard anything more, but doing a lot of thinking. Really, can I work with kids right now, this fall? Especially when I'd probably end up subbing in the infant room? Aaron's due date was October 9th. The closer it gets, the more Adam and I think about what we would have been doing right now. Was in Shop-Ko the other day and just stood running my fingers along the cribs for a while. Hmm. So I ask myself: Would it be a bad or a good thing to work around little kids this fall? To hold and care for little babies while only thinking about the one that I'll never get to cuddle with?

Yeah...directions God. I think I'm reading them correctly, but maybe you'd better send some more, to make sure I don't make a wrong turn. I'll be waiting.


The W.O.W. factor said...

I'm so glad you & Melody found a way to enjoy walking together now!
By the way...go check it out, I added you to my blogroll! And I commented on your comment too....
Tell Adam hello!
Love you and the answers you are waiting for, will come when they are right for you!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Hey there Patti...are you doing OK? Any news on one of the jobs?
Just checking in on you......
love you!

Anonymous said...

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