Saturday, August 2, 2008

I love weddings!

Really, weddings are wonderful. We had a couple years where we had LOTS, then last year was a big dry spell. I guess we're making up for it this fall. Some college friends are getting married in three weeks. Then, one of my best friends, Tiffany, is having her big wedding/vow renewal the following week. They had a very small ceremony when her hubby found out he was going to Iraq for a year. Well, he's back now and time to celebrate big! Later in September some family friends are tying the knot. October is a friend from high school and the old neighborhood. Anyone else want to invite us to their wedding? :) I am making a (in my opinion) really neat gift to go with the real gift. I bought these clear card boxes and am making a set of 10 cards for each couple. Just a nice set of everyday notes to use for whatever.

Heard back from the YMCA on Thursday. I had been stressing because I knew I'd have to give them an answer before my interview at the library. Well, the lady at the Y said we could meet on Friday, otherwise not until the 11th of August! Well, being dumb, I said Friday because I wanted to sound interested. Realizing my stupidity, I called her back and rescheduled for the later date. So, hopefully I get a good feel next Wednesday at my library interview.

I go back and forth about which job I really want. Like today I thought if I work at the Y, I'll always have my nights and weekends off. If I work at the library, I might have to work Saturdays and later at night. But then there's the whole baby thing too. Watched Cheaper by the Dozen 2 today and started just bawling when Nora had her baby at the end. Started out as normal girl/chick flick tears and then I realized that I was really crying. Hmm...

Adam's still working really hard. At least until 6pm everyday. This weekend he's in each day until 5pm. He says there's no shade and little wind so he's pretty hot all day, sweat dripping from his hat! Had a guy get upset yesterday about something and then tell a bunch of other guys, so business was slower in the afternoon. Just too bad. Another guy, who is normally grouchy, said that he really liked Adam and would be back. Wish he would go call a bunch of his friends.

The other night I got some mojo and tackled the back room. But only could do so much since Adam was sleeping. Now it's hot out here and since the AC doesn't really get back there, I've had to halt the project. Which meas our place has boxes everywhere again. It's supposed to cool down next week, maybe it'll cool off one night here too.

Grandpa had his appointment this week. The doctor said it most likely is cancer, but he needs another test next week to see if it has spread and then determine if they can operate. Mom said that he's decided he doesn't want radiation or chemotherapy, said he knew people who had it and it didn't help. Well, both of my grandma's sisters died from lung caner, so I guess he's seen what can happen, but I just...I dunno. Just keep praying.

"Wonder what the world would be like if we let Jesus live through you and me ... What if you could feel inside you the power of the hand that made the universe?" ~Big Daddy Weave
Just listening to the radio. That song always stops me and breathes in me.

Well, still not much happening around here. I did FINALLY, call my girlfriends. Out of 6, only one answered the phone, and she had to go right away. Pooh, serves me right for waiting so long. If any of you are reading this, I MISS YOU!

Okay, off to maybe do some work. If you know me well, you are probably laughing now. :)


WD said...

Hi Patti,
Nice talking to you today. We will keep you in our prayers for direction for you in your job search. Keep us posted. WD

The W.O.W. factor said...

Hey there Patti! I thought I commented here...guess not :(
Do you think your friends already know what you are making for them now ?? :)
Have you had to make a decision yet on job selection?
Like your new "look" here! You changed it, but haven't posted anything! Your Mom said you were up til 6am the other day....waasup??
Love you Kiddo & tell Adam Hi & love him too! Of course, Melody too!