Thursday, August 14, 2008

Apartment pictures, FINALLY!!

Yes, you know what this means, I have my camera back! YAY!!! And since my family is coming tonight, I spent all day cleaning and thought, perfect time to show you all my new place.

First, our first garage...just enough room for some boxes and MY car. ;)

Here is our mailbox, a real mailbox! (I know, I get excited about the little things.)

Here's a shot to show you just how close we are to the highway. Building on the left, fence, highway. With the windows closed, it's not so bad. But days like today it's just nice to have a breeze, so we just have the tv blaring!

This is the outside of our place. We're on the second level. The window on the left looks into the "nook" in our living room. That's our patio (the huge, fat spiders prevent me from using it) and all of the space to the end of the building.

#11, that's us. The one without the doormat.
Inside the door ...

Up the stairs...

And into the dinning area.

Turn and you're into the HUGE kitchen. Not a very good layout though, I feel like I am always farthest away from what I need.
The living room
Looking into the "nook" which has become my "home inside my home" since our computer is back there, as wells as all of my crafting supplies.
A view of the living room into the kitchen.

Down the hallway...

The main bathroom which is enormous! If we ever needed to, we could add a huge cabinet in here. We call this Adam's bathroom, but he's nice enough to let me use the shower. :)

This is Adam's room. (No, that's not his bed! My family was coming fro the weekend.) All of his music stuff is set up in here and his dresser and weekend t-shirts are in here too. And of course Mel's kennel.

This is the third bedroom. (Again, the air mattress was just set up for my folks for the weekend.) Primarily a storage room, but I have half of the closet for some of my clothes.

Our bedroom.

The 1/2 bath in our bedroom. This is MY bathroom. Which suits Adam fine since all my "girly" stuff stays in here.

I was pretty proud of myself for reusing this media tower like this. Fits all of my bottles and such pretty well.

The closet in our room. Adam likes it because he can stand up straight in it (he couldn't in Memphis) but not as much hanging space as we had before.

Last, one of my FAVORITE parts of this apartment is the washer and dryer! A little bit of a pain since it's in our bedroom, but WAY nicer than hauling our laundry to a laundromat! Got our first energy bill too and didn't seem to be to bad.

All I can say about our new place is that it is WAY nicer than we were ever hoping for. Melody was the kicker on all of the other places we looked at. Since this was the only apartment complex that would take her, it was the only one we could move to!

This post is already really long, so I'll post later with some life updates and maybe a few more pics, now that I have my camera back. :)


The W.O.W. factor said...

Thanks for the tour! Made me feel like I was there! Pretty nice place! How is Melody adapting to no backyard on demand?