Monday, August 18, 2008

Some catch-up time

Well, I get behind in blogging, then I get even farther behind because I just have too much since I haven't blogged, so I don't blog. Bad cycle.

Job Update:
Did not get the library job. Disappointing, but I will still enjoy working at the Y Daycare. For sure, I'll be 7:30am-12pm as an assistant teacher in the 4K program. Which is kinda nice. Hopefully there will be an opening in their Y-Care (school age before school) program. Then I would go there at 6:30am and miss some of the prep time in the 4K, but still be there until noon. Thursday I have my orientation for a few hours and then maybe some subbing hours the next week. Both of the programs that I'll work in will follow the school calendar. Which could be very nice around the holidays! Pay is not as good as the library, but better than it could have been.

With my new job I do get a free Y membership. So if I stick to it, I could really get some of my muscle strength back. And hopefully, finally, start losing some weight. I'll already BE at the gym. Hard to make excuses not to go!

Last weekend my parents and Kristi came out for a visit. When Kristi wasn't sitting on the computer or sleeping, she was kinda fun. They got here Thursday night and we had a really good pork roast, watched some Olympics and celebrated Dad's birthday. I made him this peach cobbler. Homemade crust, thank you very much!

Friday Mom, Dad and I (Adam was at work and Kristi was sleeping) toured the area. Ended up going to dinner at Walker's where Dad, Kristi and I all got the burger baskets which come with fries and a milkshake. Yum! I'll admit, when we first moved here, I thought this place looked kinda nasty from the outside. Need some updates there. But inside it's a nice place, good dinner atmosphere and good food.

Saturday was a trip to Horicon Marsh. Mom got introduced to the many, many frogs that get disturbed during their sunbathing. Kristi counted 161 frogs on a 2.3 mi trail, but I think she missed just as many. Mel jumped off the boardwalk to catch a frog. Don't think she minded, but it was pretty deep and she was on a leash!

Kristi says there are five frogs in this picture. I only see four. Anyone else see five?

After a good BLT and corn on the cob lunch (and a nap!) we went to the Dodge County fair. A little too drinky for us, but then my husband tells us that is just kinda small town WI. We stayed for the Craig Morgan concert, which was really good. Wasn't sure what Mom and Dad would think, they're not really concert people, but I know Adam really likes Craig Morgan. Ended up that everyone had a good time.

And today I had to go to Oshkosh. To get new glasses. Because my old ones got eaten. By Mel. Grrrrr. The glasses fell off my nightstand and I was half asleep so I didn't pick them up. Dozens of other nights this has happened and my glasses survived. Guess she wasn't tired. So $300+ later, I'll be able to see again on Friday (without contacts).

Been working on more of my card packs. This is the one that I need to get in the mail this week. No, I am not worried that the recipients will see them or know what they are getting, because I don't really think that many people read this. Barb, Wava, Mom and a few random others. But if you do read this, leave me a post so I know who's reading my blog! Maybe I'm more popular than I think. Ha, not likely.
Front of box w/ gift card enclosure:
Other side of box, showing off one of the cards:
Lastly, we're hopefully going to start getting more connected at church. We're having dinner with the Youth Pastor next Monday to talk about middle and high school ministry on Wednesdays and hopefully nursery or children's ministry on Sundays. It'll be good to meet some new people.
Okay, FINALLY done with this post. Blogger is only user friendly to a point. Then in just plain old stinks. I think the pictures will be kept to a minimum from now on!


WD said...

Congrats on the job Patti. I know you were really hoping for the library position, but who knows what is in store for you at the Y? I think you will enjoy your job there. THanks for the update -sounds like you had a nice time with your folks. Looking forward to seeing you this week-end. Until then - Wava

WD said...

Oh yeah - your card boxes look really nice. I think it is a GREAT wedding gift! The peach cobbler looked great too. Wava

The W.O.W. factor said...

Yea Patti! You are back at it! Now I can keep up-to-date on yours & Adams happenings....that is unless you slough again LOL!
I bet you will enjoy the Y job...being with kids
Love the pix you included! (got that phone call frm your Mom @ the concert...couldn't figure out who was sending us the music...Heidi is known for that...Pretty cool!We love all the county fairs! Ours is ina few weeks & of course we will be there.
Those card boxes are really cool! You should be proud of yourself!
I'm sure you were happy to entertain your family in YOUR home! Glad they got to go see you & Adam there.
Love you guys, Barb