Sunday, August 24, 2008

Home again, home again...

Home sweet home. It's 11:12pm and QUIET. Adam and Mel are sleeping, the tv and radio are off. The traffic is as quiet as can be. And I just got off of an extremely creative high. Good feelings.

Got home midday, just enough time to pick up a little, then Adam's Iowa grandparents and uncle stopped by for a few hours. (We're on the way to Sheboygan where Adam's aunts live.) We got some Black Angus hamburger, arm roast and stir-fry meat, plus fresh-frozen sweet corn and just-picked green beans. YUM! Need to call Dad for his green-bean recipe.

Adam had a headache all night so he just slept and vegged. I took advantage of that time by starting to make something for someone. I must be sneaky because someone connected to the recipient reads this blog. So no pics or explanations,

just know that I am in LOVE with Photoshop elements right now. And fonts.

Like this one I used tonight.

I used this one too.

Tomorrow I get my TB test for work; then off to the Y to meet up with Stephanie. She's going to take me to the elementary school where my YCare site is and then back to the Y to meet some of the kids. Tomorrow night we go to dinner with the Youth Pastor from church, excited to see what he's got in mind. Then a couple more days and we're off again! This time back to MN for a wedding and Kristi's big move! I wonder if Mom has started crying. Odds are pretty good.

Anywho, off to bed, but will share more about our trip and add some pictures later. Goodnight!