Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why do we need titles?

Thinking of a title is setting me off tonight. 

What did I do today...got my TB test, went to my Y-Care site, went to the Y, played with kids, went home and slept, talked to mom for an hour and half (thankfully noticed afterwards that it was her cell phone and since we both have Sprint I won't be charged for those minutes) and opened my box from drugstore.com.

This is where my day started to have some "excitement."  I have started to use Seventh Generation cleaning products, but stores here don't carry everything so I found them on drugstore.com  (These are "green" products that are plant based, not petroleum based, and are also chlorine free.  I'm slowly trying to become more "green.")  They were even on sale!  The box was kinda mangled and wobbly.  Opened it up to find a MESS.  The bottles of bleach, fabric softener and liquid dishwasher detergent were all COVERED in liquid laundry detergent.  That bottle was empty.  At least the person who packed the box put all of those bottle in a big plastic bag.  Called customer service and a new bottle is on it's way all ready, but have to "return" the defective bottle. ???  They're paying for the shipping at least.

IMG_0737    IMG_0738

Went to Culver' s with the Youth Pastor from church and his wife.  Really nice people.  Sounds like he's got a really good program going.  Adam and I will both lead small groups on Wednesday nights.  Then 4-5 graders in on Sundays, busy folks we are. 

As were were driving home tonight I realized that I am actually starting to have a life: I am busy every night this week!

Monday: Dinner w/youth pastor

Tuesday: CPR/First Aid training at work

Wednesday: High school ministry leader meeting

Thursday: Driving to my folks'

Friday: Tiff's wedding

Whew!  Tomorrow is a trip to Madison to get some wedding gifts and print pictures for a few scrapbook projects.  Then home to get my but moving on those projects!  Oh, and grocery shopping.  I know I am going to forget to do this.

Maybe a re-cap and pics of last weekend will be posted tomorrow, as I procrastinate finishing my projects. ;)