Monday, September 29, 2008

Why are they called "Onesies"?

Really, anyone who has the answer to this question please let me know!!

We have two new babies in the family, Adam's cousins in Iowa.  Both were due the same week as me and came early, making it a little bittersweet, but babies are just exciting and cute so I just have to be happy for them.  One of the dad's called Adam and felt guilty for telling us that his son was born!  Yes, it's hard to hear, but we are so happy for them. 

So, a few weeks ago I saw this post on Nichole Heady's blog.  (She is the owner/designer of Papertrey Ink which is my favorite stamp and packaging store online.)  Well, I knew that these little ones would be getting hand-stamped onsies when God brought them into the world.  I did the first one and literally squealed!  They are so stinking cute!  Now we need more babies so I can make more of these.


Close up:  Don't babies really have a special "scent"??IMG_0839web IMG_0840web

Couldn't just throw them in a box.  Tied on a little wrist rattle tooIMG_0843web IMG_0842web

Well, and then there were the cards...IMG_0844web  IMG_0845web IMG_0846web IMG_0847web

Been working on the design of my Christmas cards (yes already, when you make 70+ it takes awhile!).  Finished Halloween cards and need to do one last set of wedding card packs.  And October calendar pages for Kristi and Grandma.  And make cookies for small group tomorrow.  Hmmm.  That's a lot.

Got a few pics of new things I did to the apartment, will add those later this week.

Oh, and Wednesday afternoon we have a doctor's  appointment with a high risk OB.  Got his name from someone at work.  With everything that happened this spring I am high risk for lots but especially ectopic pregnancy (one of my abscesses was draining THROUGH my fallopian tube!).  My OB in Hudson said that when I do get pregnant again, call Adam but my second call should be to a doctor.  So I decided that we should get a doc on board BEFORE anything happens so that we are ready when we do conceive again.  Which hopefully will be soon. 


WD said...

Patti, those baby gifts are just adorable!! The cards are too of course. My thoughts on the onesies are that it is a shirt and little underpants in one. In the old days of cloth diapers you would have to put a rubber pants over the diaper and a T-shirt that would always ride up and be half way up the back. Onsies were a wonderful invention. (Wish I would have thought of it.) I am jealous of your creativity - well, maybe not jealous because I probably wouldn't take the time or have the mentality to think up such cute things. Again, I really think you could make a go of it as a business so continue on. I also wanted to mention that Aaron's marker looks really nice. (Too bad it was in the wrong place - but they will fix that.) A wonderful tribute to your mountain of strength. I know it is really difficult with Angie and Erica having their babies, but we do need to be thankful for safe arrivals for them. You will hopefully conceive soon and we will pray for a trouble-free pregnancy for you. Take care. Really enjoy you sharing what you are up to on your blog. Wava

Tina, Ryan and Olivia said...

Oh Patti, I love how creative you are. All your projects are so darn cute.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Patti! These are adorable!
I have to agree with Wava...a new "business venture'??? How fun that would be!
Love you,