Monday, October 27, 2008

Little One

oct_26_2008 copy

No, we do not have a new dog.  But we did have a visitor for a night.  Yesterday on our way back home from lunch at Adam's aunt's house, we saw a dog running down the middle of the road.  (Actually, Adam saw her, I was sleeping.)  We couldn't leave her there, so we stopped and she ran right up to me.  She didn't have a collar.  We tried a few houses, but no one knew where she was from or was willing to hold on to her.  So she came home with us.

Melody was VERY curious, but the little one was scared and bared her teeth.  Well this just set Mel off because it reminded her of when Princess (my parent's dog) used to go after her, so Mel went at the little one.  No one actually touched each other, but we didn't let them too near each other after that.  When she was away from Mel, the little one was a very spunky, happy puppy.

After many annoying phone calls, I finally drove little one up to the Fond Du Lac animal shelter.  When I walked in, one of the ladies recognized her immediately.  Turns out that the owner had already called looking for her, AND (from listening to the ladies talk) this isn't the first time that the little one has been there.  Seems like the owner doesn't keep track of her too well.  So I'm glad that she has a home, but sad that she may get out again and I won't be there to help her.


Tina, Ryan and Olivia said...

You are such a good dog owner...I've actually had a neighborhood cat (who is well known) sneak into our house. Both our cats did not like their new buddy but he left without a fuss.