Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Off and running

Okay, maybe not running but at least exercising.  After work today I went to the weight room and used the elliptical for 25 min.  Since getting out of the hospital this spring, I haven't really done much.  First I couldn't do anything, then I was too scared to do anything.  Went pretty well.  It helps that there is a TV built into each machine, so just watch the show and forget that you are burning calories!


Y-Care this morning went longer (10:45) since the school started late for teacher in-service.  That meant that I didn't get to 4K until almost the end of class.  A few of the kids came over and said hello to me, a few gave  me hugs and a few said they missed me!  Even the teacher said she missed me.  It's nice to be appreciated.

Went to youth group tonight.  The peanut butter cookies that I made yesterday were  a big hit.  Also started to organize the supplies.  The room has become a dumping pile and makes me want to cry when I look at it.  Adam played with the youth band tonight.  Sounded really good but the bass was so high that I felt more music than I heard.  I only had one girl show up in my small group, so we just chatted.

Tomorrow is the "big" day.  I've really been doing okay.  Adam and I are going out to dinner, whenever he gets off work.  Yup.

Off to bed.