Friday, November 28, 2008

Back to the Blogging World

Yes, I am back.  Just when I started to get some regular readers, I disappear for a whole month!  Life was happening for a while.  Had to experience it.  One of the biggest reasons that  I have been absent is because I was in a craft fair this past weekend!  Adam was on a walk about two weeks before and saw a sign that the mall across the street from us was having a craft fair and needed crafters.  Why not?!  So for two weeks I busted my butt to get some inventory built up and set up my "business" affairs as well.



This was one of my two tables.  Overall traffic at the fair was HORRIBLE.  But then there are literally only 4 stores left in this mall.  I did sell enough to feel it was a success.  I got a few orders for onesies like these:


And several people took my card with promises to call.  Even a few who may be interested in wedding invitations!  I would LOVE to do weddings.  I made a new blog just for my business Felicity Avenue.  Check it out!

In other Dykstra news, we spent Thanksgiving with Dykstras yesterday.  It was a really nice day.  Got to spend some time with Adam's cousin Kurt who I really haven't ever talked with, just in passing on a few holidays.  Starting to really "settle" in to the family.  We won't make the Dykstra Christmas this year, so it was nice to see everyone.

Adam is starting to wind down from harvest.  Well, wind down a little.  He's still working this whole weekend.  I think if his machinery would cooperate, he'd be home a lot sooner each day.  Grrrr.... 

Got my first FAKE Christmas tree a few weeks ago.  I swore I would never buy one, but when you aren't allowed to have a real one, there are exceptions to be made.  It was only $35 from Walmart, 6.5' and pre-lit too!


Other than that, life is moving along.  Work is still good.  Mel's doing fine.  I'm staying healthy.  Waiting for our next set of directions.  It's been almost six months, aren't we due for a move?!  Ha!  I hope not, but if past history is any indication, who knows!

Happy Turkey Day!  (So I'm late, better late than never!)


Tina, Ryan and Olivia said...

Your craft table looks great!! Very professional. And I love the way you package your products and take the pictures for you new blog. I will be buying something from you at are very professional!! Congrats on becoming your own boss.