Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Little Christmas Cheer

I spruced up my blog today. I felt inspired by Jennifer Holmes's blog and decided to figure out how to make my own header and background. The images themselves are from Designer Digital's Poinsettia Kit.

Now I've got the Christmas tree on and Amy Grant is singing her amazing Christmas songs. Her "A Christmas to Remember" cd will always be my favorite Christmas CD. I still remember getting it in 5th grade from my then best friend Louise. Can't believe that it still works (mostly!).

Worked on the Dykstra family financials today, so no craftiness.

I took down all my fall decorations...


... so hopefully tomorrow I can decorate for Christmas! I'll save the tree trimming for when Adam is home. Someday. :( The days are getting harder on both of us. A person can only work so many LONG, frustrating days in a row. Hopefully he'll be done soon. We plan to go to Door County the weekend before Christmas for some R&R together, just pray he doesn't have to work that weekend!