Friday, December 5, 2008

Back in the Kitchen

I've been so consumed with building Felicity Avenue that it has been too long since I've done some good baking. Today I was checking my blogs and found this fabulous recipe from Sophistimom. Cream cheese pound cake. It peaked my interest for two reasons:

1. I hate pound cake. Good reason, huh? No really, I've never been a fan of it, especialy that Sara Lee stuff that some people try to use instead of shortcake. But I love Sophistimom's recipies. So by her good name I wanted to give it a chance.

2. I have been wanting to buy a petite loaf pan for a long time.


I had to make some thing for a bake sale at church.

So I went to the craft store on main street (which has a great baking section!) and got my new petite loaf pan. (Excuse the messy pan, didn't feel like doing the dishes yet.) When I was checking out the lady asked if I had any liners. Liners for a loaf pan?! Awesome!! So for less than $12 I was off to the grocery store and home to make some goodies.


Here is the finished product:


Great lighting, huh? :) In one word, FANTASTIC! Baked perfectly in 24 minutes. With a double batch I ended up with 27 petite loaves. One for us, one for my Secret Santa at work and 25 for church. I would still be baking right now if I was making cookies for the bake sale. Scoop x12, bake, turn pan, bake, transfer to cooling rack. Repeat. x10. Yuck. Needless to say, I am thrilled with my baking adventure!

To top it all off, I got this 25 pack of holiday ziplock bags at the dollar store. Not quite up to my crafty standards, but it's a bake sale. The rest of the entries were made and packaged by high schoolers, so...don't want mine to overshadow their work. I will "craft-up" the loaf for my Secret Santa. Check back later this weekend.


And the best part of my weekend?????

Adam is home ALL weekend!!!!