Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'd bet on it

I'm betting on a snow day for tomorrow!  We'll be getting 10-12" of snow, with most of it coming during rush hour tomorrow morning.  Which means no school! 

The best part, it'll be finished by the time we need to leave for our weekend in Door County! 

Oh, and we may even have "thunder snow" tonight.  Told Adam to wake me up if he hears it.  As many can attest, I am a SOUND sleeper.  I did fall asleep while at a NBA game in college!

Been busy working on Christmas projects, but since most of the recipients are readers here, I can't show you pictures.  But I will, promise.  One in particular I just don't think I can part with!

Hope you all are enjoying your Christmas season.  We get really excited about Christmas these days.  But just think about how excited God and the Angels were in the days leading up to Jesus's birth.  They knew all that was going to happen.  Pure joy and excitement!

Off to bed...and hopefully to sleep in!


Mom said...

Hope you had a great weekend..I am sure it was very pretty and Christmasy there!