Monday, January 12, 2009


So I will post some new projects later, but I just HAVE to share my awesome find from my trip to Madison today.


This is the Making Memories Embellishment Center.  Now, this is not a new product.  No, Adam did not let me spend $80 on it.  I had decided that I would never get this because for $80 I'll have Adam build me something later on.

But today I was at Michael's and saw a 50% off sign!  I got really excited but then noticed that the sale ended two days ago.  Well, I wasn't sure if the sale was extended or what so I asked a salesperson.  She said, no, the sale did end but since the sign was still up I would get the 50% off!!

Awesome!  Love it!

Okay, be back later with some new cards. :)IMG_1098


WD said...

Your stuff is so-o-o-o cool Patti! Again, I envy your creativity. (I'm almost embarrassed for you to see my simple scrapbooking.) I really think you should have quite a successful week-end. Your "inventory" is pretty diversified. Keep up the good work. Nice find on the shelving too!

Tina, Ryan and Olivia said...

Congrats on finding such a great deal!! It looks like you'll be able to use all your ribbons with so much ease now. Have fun at the huge craft fair...wish I could stop by your booth!

Patti said...

Wava, Wava. Scrapbooking is SOOO personal! It's about the story. The stories that you are recording will be so precious for our family.

I am just so into cardmaking and giftmaking because I don't have the patience for scrapbooking right now.