Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a Nerd

Yeah, that's me.  You see our six month introductory offer on our cable is over, so the guy came and took our digital box away.  Well that meant that we lost our on screen channel guide.  And since it would just be awful to have to flip though channels without knowing what channel you're on (lol), I thought I should print out the channel guide.

Now, normal people would just hit the print button from the browser screen.  On regular paper.  Me?  Nope.  I'm a paper crafting nerd.  :)  I copied, pasted, resized, printed on my good PTI paper.  Then I cropped and double matted to end up with this:


Now, I could have done much more.  Some stamps, dp, maybe some gemstones.  But really, it's just a channel guide.  I think my husband would have thrown me out in the snow if I did anything else.  He'll still laugh at me.  But I guess I'm laughing at myself too!

So what have you guiltily paper crafted??  Post your answer in the comments section by Friday, January 23rd, 11:59pm, and I'll send you a little Valentine's surprise.  ** Not a paper crafter?  Then let me know what is your guilty pleasure.


Babies- Beth said...

Personally, i think it is screaming out for a border right across the top, lol. My nerdiness? I have carts on wheels with all of my SU stamps out so I can see them. I still labeled the carts, lol~

IamDerby said...

oh my thats too funny. I get way into my kids projects. I want to make them all mine.

Tina, Ryan and Olivia said...

I bought all the supplies needed to make really cute table numbers for our Marine Corps Birthday Ball this year. They wanted to use cheap envelopes the name cards came in with blue highlighter for numbers. I fixed that problem but it took hours.