Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This, That and a Recipe

Did you see  my new banner up top there?  It's part of a whole package of graphics I had designed for me by Sugarelli, who I found on Etsy.  What a wonderful job!  Everything turned out just how I wanted it.  I also got a blog banner for my Felicity Avenue blog, and new graphics for my Felicity Avenue Etsy Shop, avatars, business cards and a logo.  I'd highly recommend Sugarelli!

IMG_1280I took the picture above on Monday.  I had the door open for a couple hours because it was so nice outside!  How nice?  Well, it was 29 degrees and sunny.  ;)  Yup, I live in Wisconsin and when you get a day like this in the middle of the winter, it's a heat wave!  This weekend it's supposed to get into the 40's. :)


This is a "sneak peek" of something I made last week.  But I am going to submit it for my Guest Star Stamper submission at PTI.  So I'll post the full picture in a couple weeks.  But I just love it so much that I had to share something.


The cake up there was incredibly easy to make and tastes amazing.  That's a double threat in my kitchen.  Bake a yellow cake.  Melt peanut butter and pour on top.  Freeze to harden peanut butter.  Melt chocolate chips and a little butter.  Mix with one can of chocolate frosting.  Spread over peanut butter.  Eat!

My soap box:  With some exceptions, do NOT buy store brand cake mix.  I bought a Betty Crocker yellow cake mix and a store brand yellow cake mix to do a side by side comparison.  Just the batter of the store brand was gross!  It called for and WHOLE stick of butter!!  Tasted awful.  Then I baked it.  Didn't rise the same and is just not worth the calories. the extra 50 cents.

Hopefully will have some craftiness for you later this week.  Happy Wednesday!! 


Tina, Ryan and Olivia said...

Brand name foods just do taste better than generic...but I've found our commissary brand Cherrios are just as good...Olivia can't tell the difference!