Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I love sales.  I love purses.  A sale on purses?  I'm done for.  Walked into Shop-Ko today to check on a couple rainchecks (which I never did!) but got distracted by the gorgeous spring purses that met me at the door.  Then I saw it.  Buy One, Get One Free.


This is one of my lovely new purses.  It just screams SUNSHINE!!

Well, I can't justify to Adam that I need two new purses, no matter the cost.  I couldn't even justify it for myself.  But it was buy one, get one FREE!!  Of  course, I'll get one for someone else.  I know just who.  I picked out the perfect one, took it to the register, but of course.  I picked one of the few that was not on sale.  But finally settled on this:


Not something that you'd find on my arm, but it'll look great on the person getting this.  I'm not sure if she reads this blog, but I'm not saying who is getting this yet. It'll be a surprise. 

Anyone found any great deals?  Or been suckered into a deal?  (I totally would not have even bought one purse had it not been for the sale!)  What is making you think of spring?  Let me know.  I'm starting to feel lonely over here!


Tina, Ryan and Olivia said...

That's a great deal!!! A woman can never have too many purses and I love the yellow one...very spring! The last great deal I got was at the Base Exchange...crystal candlestick holders for $7 each, originally $25 each. I love Ms. Sale and Mr. Clearance!!

IamDerby said...

Hey there Patti! I get suckered into sales all the time. Especially crafty buys at the BigLots. Oh just so much good stuff, and marked down so low!! Its crazy! I buy all kinds of stuff I dont need. I am also a sucker for shoes. Not so much bags. I am a one bag at a time kind of girl. I dont like to empty it out and change over.

Mom said...

Pretty purse!! I can guess who the other is for, I think.

Yeah, I am getting spring fever as well but as you said in an earlier blog, March and April are not very dependable..at least our driveway is all clear..hopefully the next several days of 40 degress will help to melt the few feet of snow we have..but then we have to look at ugly, dirty snow as it melts..no good solution here except to charge though March and April with fun things!