Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trying some new tricks / Disaster Area

I need to send out a couple cards this week and ended up trying a few new tricks.  The card below completely created itself...over three days! 

tiff ann

I started with the Melon Berry background.  Got stuck.  Decided to do the sentiment that hangs off the side of the card.  Did the stamping, handwriting and drew the border.  Once I added the ribbon I got stuck.  I tried everything I own on that spot to make it look finished.

tiff ann 2

The pearl?  Accident.   I went to the craft store on Main Street yesterday to pick up another set of Nesties.  While I was getting rung up I saw these pearls and thought they should find a home in my stash.  So when I got home, there was the unfinished card on my scrap table.  Hmmm....I wonder if one of  those pearls would fit there?  Like I said.  The card made itself. :)

**  Please don't mention the crooked "P"s.  I will just have to be happy with it.  lol!

tiff ann 3

Embellished envelopes?  Not usually my thing since I mail all of my cards.  But since this and the next card were getting mailed together in another envelope, why not?

tiff bday card

This card was an accident.  I really just wanted to play with Tags for Spring (PTI) and ended up making the whole circle embellishment.  It looked just too pretty so I remembered the birthday card I needed to make anyway.

tiff bday card 2

This is one of the few times that I have "fussy cut" with those butterflies.  Won't be trying that again any time soon, unless I get some better scissors.

Envelope for this card?  Yes, it was made.  No, you don't get to see it.  It's okay, but it wasn't worth my time to take a picture, edit and post.

Life Update:  We're heading to Iowa this weekend so see some of Adam's family.   We haven't been there since May 2007, so we've got lots of visiting to do.  It'll be a fun, but jam packed weekend.  Melody is getting left at a boarding kennel for the first time.  I'm going to cry, and I don't care who laughs at me!!  Mel, on the other hand, will love it.  Four 1/2hour walks each day, play time with other dogs.  She'll be exhausted when we pick her up on Sunday!

I made a cake earlier today.  Now I must go clean my kitchen before Adam gets home.  When I bake, it looks like...wait.  I'm going to take a picture.

Now, before I show you these, just know that usually it is worse.  But I show it to you in hopes that anyone else who suffers from being a messy baker will not feel so alone!

We start here.  Why did I not throw the butter wrappers away when I unwrapped the butter?  Why did I not put the vanilla away in the cabinet above, which is open?  Adam doesn't ask these questions anymore.  As long as what I made tastes good, he's happy.


The other side of the stove.  Opened powdered sugar and pecans, dirty dishes from today and last night when we were in a rush to get out the door.


A bowl of soaking dishes (I made an attempt at clean up!), a sink of clean dishes that I washed last night (I do wash dishes), and the finished cake.  Wait!  I see a piece missing.  I didn't know Melody knew how to use a knife.  ;)


The prep space.  Relatively clean for me.


So Mom, now instead of my room, I mess up the kitchen.  Nothing really changes, does it?  Okay, off to clean.  Have a good night!   


Tina, Ryan and Olivia said...

First off, I didn't even notice the crocked 'P' in the first card until you mentioned it. Second, I'm the worst at cleaning the kitchen...glad to know I'm not the only one. You're cards are so pretty and I say this all the time but I wish I had your talent. We're taking off on a long trip to...over to NC, up to OH, then MN/WI and back to OK...3,100 miles in 2 weeks. Catch ya later