Friday, March 13, 2009

Missing a Friend

So I haven't been living in this area very long and because of the nature of my job I don't really interact with many adults on a regular basis.  I did get to know one really well, Shannon.  We worked together in the early morning and got to know each other pretty well.


Then last week she moved!  :(  Now I am thrilled for Shannon, because it was a move back to where she grew up and her family still lives.  But now she's gone and it's just not the same here!

So a couple gals from work pitched in and we put together a care package for her and her 17 month old daughter.  Just a few fun things that reminded me of them.  Lots of pictures to follow!

We colored a lot with the kids.  Even got all fancy with shading.


Just couldn't resist these:


Shannon loves coffee. She gave it up for a while last fall, but is "back on the wagon" now! 


And this mug (has packing material in it for mailing) is just cool.  Like something you'd find in a coffee shop.


Some bracelets for the little one...


and a book...


These are a reminder of the many games that we played with the kids, and she usually one.  Skip-Bo was the favorite for a while, then Rummy 500 and, most recently, the rowdy game of Spoons!


And everything all put together:  (Please excuse the pictures, I did this tonight and am mailing it tomorrow before I can take good daylight pics!)



I know I've been MIA from my blog for the past week, but I've got more projects to share later this weekend.  Tonight it was warm enough for Adam to grill our burgers.  Then we had to make a special trip to McDonald's so that Adam could get his yearly Shamrock Shake.  I apologize to those of you who enjoy this minty treat, but yuck!  I got strawberry instead.

Off to go snuggle while Adam learns something on the Discovery Channel.  Good Night!


The W.O.W. factor! said...

Hey Kiddo! Long time no visit, I'm sorry! I see you've got your Etsy shop up, I'll go take a look! Sorry your friend moved away, but what great friends she's leaving behind too!
SkipBo? We LOVE that game!!! Used to play it with Sherry and Louie!
Hope all is going good for you and Adam and that you have some peace in your lives.
Love ya,
Aunt Barb