Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunny Afternoon at the Marsh

This past weekend was gorgeous!  Spring days like this in the Midwest are cherished, even by the animals.  Below is Mel enjoying the warm sun Sunday morning before we left for church.  She normally ties to lick the camera; but she didn't even care  to look at me!


Since we don't have a yard, we decided to take Melody out to Horicon Marsh as a treat.  This is how she prefers to ride in the car.


And sometimes like this:  (although she doesn't get to stay there!)


So I know that this is a bunch of dead grass and bare trees, but something about the sunshine makes it appealing.


Spring days draw all of us Midwesterners out of our hibernation caves.  Boy was the Marsh crowed today!  Full of dogs too.  Mel will just sit and watch them, waiting until they are close enough to go say hello.


Another picture taken by Adam's long arms.  Mel was not interested in sitting.  She had been hot on the sent of something in the brush and was desperate to get back to searching.


I just had to get a picture of this!  Yes, klutzy, klumsy Patti strapped the camera to my wrist, stuck it out of the window and got this shot.  She just looks incredibly happy!



WD said...

Nice pics Patti. Melody looks sooo happy. I really enjoy seeing animlas ride with their masters in the car or truck. They just SMILE and don't have a care in the world. I was outside a little too today enjoying the warmth and sunshine. Spring is coming!! Enjoy the rest of the week.

sarita said...

we have a black lab (our second one) - sophie loves to ride in the card - at first she thinks she's going to the vet - so she whines and howls until she realizes we aren't headed that way!!! then she settles down - labs are such great dogs - and that last pic of Mel is divine! she's smilin inside for sure!