Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Home at Last!

After three years and six moves, I think we’re finally going to be able to settle in, for awhile, we hope!

Here is our home:


I love it!  And while we haven’t signed the papers on it, we have been living in it for a few weeks and are getting unpacked.

Adam is now working for another co-op, but the people at this location actually talk to him!  So it’s a big improvement. :)  I started working at the church we attend down here in the small groups department.  It’s so vastly different from preschool, but I like what I do. 

Want to see a special treat that we had waiting for us in the backyard?


A strawberry patch!  I already have a good sized amount picked (1/2 gallon tub??).  I am so surprised at the amount of fruit we have.  The patch hasn’t been teneded to in three years.  So even after four hours of weed pulling, there is still at least two hours of work left!





While I pulled weeds, Adam tilled the garden, for four hours!


There was already a huge, established garden, but it too had been neglected.  After working up the ground, we planted carrots, radishes, green beans, wax beans (I’ve never had these, but they were free!), peas, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, cucumbers, mini pumpkins (for decorating), and five rows of sweet corn.

Oh, did I tell you that we have 2 1/2 acres in the middle of the great Iowa farmlands?  (Yeah, it’s Iowa, don’t knock it too much.  Some really nice people live here.)  That being said, we have only one option for internet.  It works pretty well, but upload speed leaves something to be desired.  So we’ll see how this post goes with five pictures.  But there are more to share!  God has blessed us with this home and I feel so lucky. :)

Have a good night!



IamDerby said...

I have a very good friend from Iowa (near quad cities). I went and visited her last year and I thought it was a very pretty place. It is flat though...hard to get used to for me (I am a native northern californian...used to hills and mountains everywhere). Love your strawberry patch too. We have some growing in our backyard.

Tina, Ryan and Olivia said...

Your new home is adorable, did you buy? I'm jealous about your garden and the work you and Adam have put into it will give back ten fold. Best part, and already established strawberry patch...there's so much you can do. Have fun!!