Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Flaming Marshmallows

If you know me well, or have at least sat around a campfire with me, you know that I cook my marshmallows like this:


Until a few years ago, I would just stick a brand new marshmallow straight into the fire and torch it.  I have since learned that the perfect marshmallow must be slow roasted first for inside gooey-ness and then torched for that wonderful charred crust.  :)  yum. 

And yes, I know many of you are appalled at the way I make my marshmallows.  I am aware that this is not the “proper” way to roast a marshmallow.  But I don’t really care. ;)

One s’mores innovation I stumbled upon this summer is pre-melting your chocolate.  I’ve never cared for the way that the chocolate is still hard in s’mores.  Doesn’t mesh with the gooey ‘mallow.   Hence this:


Find a clean-ish rock around your campfire and leave one half of your s’more there to warm up while you roast your marshmallow.  (Half of a pudgie-pie maker works great too!)  But be warned, your s’more will be even messier with that melted chocolate!

And of course the master fire-tender:



Other high points in life right now are:

  • Lots of exciting thing happening with my job.  As we start to work on our 2nd campus, everyone’s job is morphing/changing/growing to accommodate new staff and multiply our ministries.  Personally, it means that I have decided to work full time.  God has shown me that He has given me the time now and I have just been selfish with it.
  • The house is taking shape.  I “finished” the living room and dining room the other night, all of the surfaces are clear and partially decorated and most of the boxes are gone.  We buried the invisible fence this weekend for Melody.  She’s gotten zapped a few times, which is hard to see, but she has learned fast and now she will have the freedom to be outside more often and when we’re not home.  No more being stuck in the kennel all day.
  • Just wrote my first check for our mortgage payment.  Only 359 payments left!!  It is still kinda crazy to look around here and see what God has bestowed upon us.  We hope only to be good stewards of this gift we have been given.


Isn’t that just a seriously cool picture?  I think maybe these days I am more inspired by my camera than paper and stamps.  **Gasp**  I know.  Do I really consider taking my stamping budget and put it into photography classes or save for equipment??  What do you think?  Thoughts would be great.

Hope this finds you all enjoying your week!  Thanks for stopping by.



Tina, Ryan and Olivia said...

Great photos!! You have an eye for art, no matter what medium you choose!

Mom said...

I agree with Tina...and don't forget your writing as "art" have always had a way with words also, from when you were very young! Sounds like your "life" is falling into place...sounds calming and good...great job!