Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Catalyst Travel Day

Our day started bright and early at 7am driving from Cedar Falls to Minneapolis.

Here is our lovely driver, Alicia. She wouldn't look at the camera for some funny reason. ;)

And this is one of my bosses, Angela
And this is Craig, Angie's husband
And here's me.
This is my new boss, Gabe, and his great wife, Erin, at the MSP airport. Love that place.
That's Sky on the left and Craig again. Moving sidewalks are fun even for big kids.
Not sure why this picture is so dark, but I don't really feel like photoshoping right now. But I think that Alicia's expression is priceless.
And this would my "injury" from the day. I claim full responsibility for buying new shoes and deciding to break them while traveling. Moleskin was found today!
Well, I had a whole paragraph of details, but it got deleted and I'm not going to write anymore tonight, so enjoy the pictures!