Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Little More than a Little Lime

Last Monday Adam and I celebrated St. Patti’s day a couple days early with some friends.  I volunteered to bring dessert because of my calendar.

Yes, my calendar.  This year I couldn’t find any calendars with pretty scenery that I liked.  And then I found one with huge, gorgeous pictures of cakes with fantastic recipes.  So March’s recipe was a lime bundt cake and lime icing.

Thus, the cake:


It turned out pretty well.  The cake baked fine and the icing was the right consistency.  It just had too much lime.  It wasn’t awful, but it was tart.  I don’t really think that a cake should be described with the adjective “tart.”



Mom said...

mmmm...makes my mouth water with anticipation of the tartness! Looks good!