Saturday, March 13, 2010

Look What I Started

This morning Adam pulled our corn stove away from the wall to replace something.  We decided to take advantage of the opportunity to paint that last spot of the wall that we couldn’t reach.

Since I had the paint out, I decided to do some test painting in the kitchen!!


This shot shows a little of why I want to paint.  Somewhere in the line of previous owners, gorgeous bead-board was put in the kitchen.  But then it was painted dark red. 


Now, to be fair, it is are really pretty red.  But my kitchen is very closed in and I can’t take all of the darkness.  So it’s time to lighten up.  I really had to stop myself from painting the whole kitchen right then and there. 

The other reason that my kitchen is dark is from these brick walls that cover half of the kitchen.  And yes, I am painting them too!!


I have been wanting to do this since last summer.  Every time I tell someone, they’re like “No!  You can’t pain the brick!  It’s so nice.”  Yeah, sure, from far away.

This is all I see:


Yes.  That is why the brick is being painted.  In the grand scheme of our kitchen, we dream of taking down walls, moving doors and appliances, new floors, etc.  But that is far down the road.  In the meantime, I have decided that I need to lighten up my kitchen.

Oh, and remember my tree comparison from last week?  Well, here’s a new picture for you, exactly a new week later.



Tina said...

First off, love the bead-board. Second, paint away all that nasty brick. I agree, white brick will make a small kitchen feel bigger. Besides, it doesn't even look like real brick. Company's make what looks like real brick but come in the shape and thickness of subway tiles. I really don't think actual bricks were used in your kitchen anyway. Do what makes you happy!!

The Andrews Family said...

The dining room looks great! I can't believe we haven't seen it in person yet :(

I, personally, am a fan of the brick--I would love to have an indoor brick wall one day--but I understand your frustration with it! See you on Monday!

Patti said...

Adam thinks that it's real brick FACE. So not a full brick. I think if we had bigger space, it wasn't dirty and the mortar wasn't so thick, I'd probably like it better.

Jessica said...

My grandma's kitchen has brick face in it and she deals with the grime problem by painting every few years. I say, paint away! Let me know if you want some help - I'm up for a painting road trip :)

Patti said...

Really now, Jessica, painting road trip?? I like the way you think. Hmm...

Mom said...

Go for it!