Sunday, May 16, 2010

Peter Cottontail

Adam is on a mission this year to clean out our ditches.  He’s been cleaning out old stumps, tree limbs and garbage.  Last Saturday, he finally was able to weed-whack and then mow.

I was busy painting and heard him yelling for me.  Well, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it sure wasn’t this:


(Now, I did not zoom in.  He really let me get this close with my camera.  Just sat there.)

Adam had run over their nest and scared this little guy out.  I came to learn later that a rather large snake had been making it’s way to the bunny as well until Adam scared him off.  If I had known this, I don’t think I would have been on my hands and knees in the long grass!


Don’t worry, we didn’t hurt him.  Adam was using the shovel as a guide to push him back to the nest.


The little guy got scared and ran the wrong way.  Then he stopped and let me get close again.  At this point we weren’t sure he’d make it back home before another snake or hawk found him.  So I went to pick him up.  He didn’t even try to run, but was rather annoyed to be hanging in the air.


He made it back to the hole, safe and sound, with his siblings.  We’ve tried to stay away for awhile, so I don’t know if the bunnies are still there.

Thankfully, though, the nest is on the other side of Melody’s electric fence.  So they’re safe from her.  Though she wasn’t too happy about that fact.  She stared at us the entire time, knowing that there was a tasty bunny just out of her reach.



Elizabeths Attic said...

Love the bunny photos (and your dog) - not sure about the snake though? think if someone had told me there was a snake in my garden I would be off up the road quick smart... but then again I am a towny...