Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday Musings

I decided that if I really want to blog more and document my year of "doing" I needed to come up with a solution that allows be to blog somewhere other than the back, cold, dark room of the house. (Although someday I hope to make this a warm, cozy sitting room. But that's not for some time.)

So I found an offline blogging solution for our MacBook. Blogo
And bought PSE for Mac.

Now I can edit pictures and blog from the couch or up in my craft space. Or when the weather gets nice this spring, on the porch!

(photo by Diana Richardson)

This evening I did start taking down the Christmas decorations. Correction. I did take down all of the decorations. I just didn't pack them up! Right now there laying out in the back room, at least out of sight.

As much as I love having my house decorated for Christmas, I really love how BIG and CLEAN my house feels afterwards. I am staring at the spot where my Christmas tree has been for the past 6 weeks and am wondering what the heck to do with that big blank wall. Is it time to paint? Or maybe I should finish the bathroom first...


Tina said...

Oh, how I have missed your creative blogging!! Love the picture, you look fabulous!!! (that one deserves three exclamation points!) A solution to your big blank wall, maybe look for a great phrase or saying that you can put on the wall, like those FatHead sports thingy.

Patti said...

Thanks, Tina! You've been a busy blogger yourself lately.

I like the phrase idea...interesting...