Monday, February 7, 2011

Time Rolls Along

I just can't believe it's already February 7th. Wasn't I just starting to show you our bathroom remodel? Funny how life takes other turns.

About this time, I got sick. Like lay on the couch and not move for a couple days sick. I had planned to have a productive week while Adam was in Kansas, but I could barely pick up all of my kleenexes!

The day Adam came home, I got a call from my Mom about my Grandpa. He has been battling lung cancer and prostate cancer for several months and had just been hospitalized with an infection. After days of treatment, the doctors decided that there is nothing more they can do. He's been home on hospice now for three weeks. Most days are pretty good. He told me yesterday, "I feel pretty good, but I'm just so sleepy."

I was able to spend two weeks out in Seattle with my grandparents. I wouldn't say that it was fun, it's not like I went out there for a vacation, but it was good to be there. I got to bake my grandpa two pies and some brownies. Made some chicken pot pie and poured lots of wine. The five of us, my grandpa, grandma, aunt, mom and myself all drank a different kind of wine! My grandma told me yesterday that she misses me, AND the food! Hopefully I'll be able to make another trip out later this spring.

While I was gone Adam's grandfather was diagnosed with liver cancer and sent home on hospice, too! Ralph passed away just one week after he came home, the day I returned from Seattle. He was a strong man of God that knew Jesus. He knew where he was going and had such a peace about the end of his life. Adam's grandmother knew this, too. While we'll all miss Ralph, we all know that he's no longer in pain and in Heaven with his Creator.

In the midst of all of this there are also a couple other things that Adam and I in the middle of right now. By Friday I just needed to stop for awhile. I was (am) horribly behind at work, but I just needed to be still. At church on Sunday I could finally feel the emotion of the past three weeks. During worship I just felt the tears roll down and man did it feel good! Maybe it's just a girl thing but crying can make me feel so much better.

Today finally it felt like my feet were back underneath me. But of course my feet are in a different place now. Ralph is still gone, my grandpa is still dying and I'm still in a place of ambiguity. A feeling of unsettledness that I am really okay with today.


Hopefully this week I'll have a couple more posts ready about the bathroom. Maybe if I take long enough to post the process pictures we'll actually have everything finished and I can show you an "after" picture!

Here's to hoping that your family is well tonight/today and that if they are not, that you find peace in these troubled times.