Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Last Peek

If you have been watching my Twitter or Facebook in the past month, you probably already know that the picture above is now a distant memory. After months of saving and planning we finally remodeled our bathroom!

Now as you look at these pictures, you may think, "That's not so bad." And for those of you reading this that used to own the house, this is no reflection on you.

And for the former owners years ago that updated the entire house, I hope to never belittle all of the work that you did on our house. (Creating an open floor plan in a 90+ year old home, adding closets, attaching the garage, etc.) You did a lot of great work, a lot of hard and expensive work.

That being said, Adam and I knew that the bathroom would be our first big project. As you look at the pictures below, I promise you that we DO clean!! Here are some of the top reasons for a new bathroom:

  • Top Left: This is what all of the tub seams looked like. It's really nasty. So nasty that I always tried to shower with my contacts out so that I wouldn't get grossed out.
  • Top Right: The tub spout. Just look at how nicely attached it it! ;)
  • Middle Left: The old tub was a whirlpool tub. I know that people pay really good money for these (it's now cleaned up and for sale if you're interested!!) but we could not keep it clean. Adam would get it all sparkly and days later it would look gross again.
  • Middle Right: Grout. Grout and I are not friends. I used to say that I didn't like tile floors. What I really don't like is grout. It just never looks clean to me.
  • Bottom Left: Isn't this a lovely box? The exhaust pipe comes up from the basement, goes into the wall for a while and then pops back out to continue up through the house. The pipe needs to be there, but we just had to do something about that crazy box.
  • Bottom Right: This one isn't quite as bad, but for a number of reasons, our window couldn't have any trim on the left side. This has always bothered me.

My next post will show the total destruction! I never realized that when you take a bathroom down to the studs, rip out all of the old wiring and plumbing and take up the floor just how much debris is created. If I didn't have such a clear vision for the finished product I probably would have cried a few more times during the process.

As of today all we have left is a little trim work and finishing touches. Hopefully by the time I am finished showing you the progress, we'll have a finished product to share!


Tina said...

You guys are so brave for tackling such a huge project! Bravo!! Can't wait to see the new gorgeous bathroom. I can't wait to have a house of my own and the time to make it just the way I want. You are a great inspiration!!

Patti said...

Thanks Tina! Hey, when do you actually move?