Sunday, March 13, 2011

No Longer a Cavewoman

Last Friday I spent $40 and 7 hours to relieve me of being a cavewoman. When we bought this house almost two years ago (was is really that long?) we were very pleased with the paint colors. There was no pea green or mauve. There was nothing that needed to be painted.
Last week I decided that our bedroom finally needed to be painted. It was a very beautiful chocolate brown. The problem is that we have angled ceilings and a very small window that gets very little light.
That's not the greatest picture, because it includes the one wall that was originally blue. But imagine turning around and seeing three dark brown walls and two dark brown angled parts of the ceiling.
Now it looks like this. I woke up Saturday barely able to move my right leg from all the contortions to paint that ceiling. But I no longer sleep in a cave. :)
I didn't even tell Adam I was painting! I was putting the last piece of furniture back in place when he got home. He said that it was a good surprise.

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Tina said...

I love the new color. You are right, your room no longer looks like a cave. So bright and airy!

Alisa said...

Love it!

Patti said...

Thanks ladies!