Sunday, July 10, 2011

I wonder...

As it gets closer to what would have been your 3rd bithday, I wonder... you have the blonde curls I always picture? Or did you luck out and get red hair? you have blue eyes like me and your dad?
...are you long and lean, or a little roly poly like your dad was at that age?
...would Melody ever let you ride her?  Would you two be buds?
...are you a picky eater or are you willing to try anything?
...can you climb up on our bed or is it still too high?
...would you be potty trained by now? I sure hope so. you sleep though the night? you have dreams?
...would your grandparents spoil you?
...would your aunt and uncles make excuses to visit just so they can see you? you like dinosaurs, tractors, blocks or Superman? you have your dad's musical abilities? you have freckles like me?
...are you healthy? you sleep with a stuffed animal or blankie? you suck your thumb or did you (hopefully) prefer a pacifier that has by now been taken away? much laundry would you create? you like to snuggle and give lots of kisses?
...what does your smile look like?

...can you see your dad and I? you know how much we love and miss you?
...have your great-grandpas shown you the ropes?
...does Jesus take walks with you? awesome is He in person?
...does it make sense why you went to Heaven so early?

...will it make sense someday?
...will he be remembered?
...will he have siblings?
...will they understand that they have a big brother?
...will I get to meet him someday?
...will You take care of him until then?

I wish I could have known the answers, honey.  But I know that you are in the best place ever.  Love you, Mom