Friday, May 1, 2015

Yes, I did.

Want to hear something "shocking"? I recently unfriended a lot of people on Facebook. Like A LOT. Family members, older friends and many, many acquaintances. There was a point in my not-so-distant past that I was excited  to watch the number of my “friends” rise higher and higher. Like I was really cool because I knew SO many people.

Yet I noticed that I was posting less and getting more annoyed by Facebook. It was this weird burden when it’s just supposed to be fun and an easy way to connect with people. So I stopped and thought about what I actually want to get out of Facebook:

  • I want to share parts of my day with people I am close to.
  • I want to see what those people are up to.
  • I want to read things that fill my soul not tear it down.
  • I want to read things to expand my horizons but not make me rant and whine and waste time getting upset about what someone else thinks.

So I stopped being “friends” with people just because I felt an obligation. A family member that always touts his/her way is the right and only way and this is why. An old friend who is always whining.  The person who only posts disgusting recipes. And all of the people who didn’t really need to be knowing my business anymore.

I honestly don’t feel bad about it. I know it will probably piss some people off or they will think I am callous to cut people out of my life.  But that’s the thing….they’re not really in my life.

We live half a country away from most of our family, so we rarely see our extended families and are not close with many of them. We’ve never really lived anywhere very long so most of the friends we made were good, but not necessarily people that we created enough of a bond with to continue to share things with.

So if you are not a part of my actual life, it’s really okay if you’re not a part of my Facebook “life.”