Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ah, the end is in sight.

We're DONE! Or at least almost. I just have a few toiletry things to pack up, but hard to do when you still need a toothbrush. Dad and Adam got everything moved to the garage, if not at least the main level. A rearrangement of furniture, and it almost looks as if we were never here! Unless you count the torn up couch cushion. Or the scratches on their desk. Or the scratches on the patio door, the framing around the patio door, the screen on the window, and the new wood floor. Thanks Melody. We really appreciate it. No, she did not really do any damage (except for the couch) only if you look close can you see anything.

Well, off to the Olive Garden with three of my girlfriends. It seems like we have more "Goodbye" or "Welcome Back" dinners than any normal get togethers. These past two years have had lots of changes for all of us. I think the settling phase will begin soon. At least I hope so. I'll just keep waiting for directions.


The W.O.W. factor said...

Love the new 'look' of your blog. Guess change comes with change! (which couch cushion did Melody enjoy?) You know...she is going to miss all the people, the freedoms...maybe she was letting you know she didn't want to leave! They truly sense change too!
Don't forget pix when you get settled!
Love you!
Aunt Barb