Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Humm Dee Dee

Kinda the ho-hums of post-holiday blahs.  It's about now every year that I am ready for sunshine.  Spring would be nice, but the excessive darkness is just gross.  Top that with the fact that my apartment faces north and east.  So by the time I get home from work at noon, just about any sun that was in the sky is gone for me.  What a happy post this is!  lol

But I am getting excited for next weekend.  I've got another craft fair, but this one will be HUGE!  It's in Wisconsin Dells (if you're not from the midwest this is a rather small city that engorges in size during the weekends and the summer because of the numerous waterparks/resorts/attractions) for their Flake Out Fest.  This is a snow sculpting contest with lots of other events during the weekend.  The info I got said that 10,000 people are expected.  Not all of those will come to the craft fair, but I'll bet it's better than a run down mall.

I think this time I will focus more on my onesies, 3Spot Frames and stationary sets (pics of these coming soon!!) with cards and candy tins as add-ons. 

Other news... well, there's not much!  We're both back into the daily routine of work, Mel has stopped pouting about getting left at my in-laws last weekend (and then pouting that we brought her home away from the yard!).  I did take my Christmas tree down, but have been too busy with other projects to take down the rest of the stuff.

There are some things that we have been praying about, things we are feeling called to.  So we'll see what happens in 2009.  2008 taught us not to be surprised by anything and to trust that God has a plan for us and that it is good.

What a random post!  I'll take some pictures tomorrow in the sunlight of some projects that I've been working on.  Good night!